Greetings fellow members of the Dark Legacy, I made this blog post to say some words in the memory of our deceased member, who's name will not be said, for we do not want his name to be spoken anymore, and also to announce some changes in the Dark Legacy.

TDS-X (initials) was a very good and loyal member of the Dark Legacy, he did help us by recording CCs and copying the source for protected pages in other wikis, TDS-X will not be forgotten, his legacy will live and continue to make history.

Many of our enemies, including our past enemies in the TDI Wiki and the ever annoying Mucus think we are gone. HA! We are not, we are disbanded, but not defeated, that is why, thanks to the help of General Kozu and Golden Master, we announce a new faction... or factions in the B.O.S., Dark Legacy members, meet the Blood Hunters, the Black Phantoms and the Seekers, the three new factions that will be part of the clans who live under the great Brotherhood.

The Black Phantoms' leader is General Kozu, he will allow the creation of new websites using broken links, this will most likely be useful for Plan CTEIW.

The Blood Hunters will be in charge of using the tactics in our B.O.S. wiki to get rid of pests like Mucus, they won't have a leader, and they shall exist as an equal clan.

The Seekers will be the ones in charge of working undercover in wikis, we already have the accounts of 4 C.P. wiki users thanks to them, and that should be enough for now to be undercover in some wikis we still need to... "explore".

The Dark Legacy is not gone, we shall rise up! We are the evolution of facts and ideas, we are the connection between Nexus and Maelstrom, we are not gone, we are just evolving.