"I have no friends, only enemies I haven't killed yet." —Mantax to Toa Hahli

Mantax was one of the six original Barraki, warlords that were the former leaders of the League of the Six Kingdoms. He was freed from the Pit by the Order of Mata Nui in exchange for fighting against the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Mantax was once part of the six Barraki, one of the most powerful lords in the whole of universe. He and his army lead a lot of attacks, all of them being succesful. Once, he lead an attack on Mata Nui Island but was stopped by the Brotherhood of Makuta. He and the other lords nearly got executed, fortunately Botar ssaved them from execution but he arrested the war lords in a Pit. They redeemed themself by fighting against The Brotherhood of Makuta . Now the Brotherhood and Mantax agreed to join forces leading into the Fall.